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A bit about us


Jo and Sue have backgrounds in Media and Graphic Design. Sue used to publish swanky magazines in London and Jo worked for a company making lovely stationery products. At the beginning of the 21st Century they both found themselves in Cornwall and discovered a shared love of life by the seaside.

By 2011 they began making framed prints with lovely words about the places they knew in Cornwall. A few kind retailers agreed to sell them and people loved them. Within a few months they realised they had a business with potential.

What we love…..

We love a seaside lifestyle and everything about being near the coast. We design and make products that put seaside happiness into everyday life. From happy Travel Cups, to witty Beach Towels and spacious Beach Bags. We love faded coastal colours and have a design philosophy that says keep things simple, happy and useful. 

Let’s change the world…

Living close to the sea means that we see the damage that 21st Century Living has on the marine environment. We try to find alternatives to plastic, so our Travel Cups and our Dog Bowls are made from Bamboo Fibre and, like our Jute bags, they will eventually compost away to nothing. We make all our linens in Cornwall and use water based inks to minimise the effect that they have on the environment.

You should know…

That we are a small company so everything is done between the two of us. We design everything we sell ourselves and everything is sent out to you by one of us or by a small band of helpers. This means we can only blame ourselves if something goes wrong, but we do try very hard to get our lovely products to you as quickly as we can.