Jellyfish Large Framed Print

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Jellyfish Large Framed Print

The magical beauty of this gelatinous mass as it wafts across the oceans seems at odd with the unpleasant fact that it can have a horrible, and sometimes deadly sting. The ultimate look but don’t touch beauty.

We have tried to capture a sense of their movement with our simple, water coloured illustration.

Beautifully framed with arctic white mounts in a smooth white, box style wooden frame.

For further details on our frames please have a look at our frames page:

Size: Print 300mm x 400mm (Frame: 450mm x 550mm)
Like lots of people, we are really concerned about the amount of single use plastic in daily life. Too much of this ends up in the sea poisoning sea creatures like the one in this picture. For every SeaLife print we sell we are donating £1 to Final Straw who are working to persuade restaurants and bars to stop using plastic straws.