This House...Personalised Frame Print

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This House...Personalised Frame Print
There are some people who seem to command Time, either in a ‘hurry up and be done’ way or in a ‘slow down and be calm’ way. Give us their name and we will make them their own Time print, a perfect gift. It will probably make everyone smile when they see it.
There are also places that this print can be perfect for, places where Time just slows down and you slow down with it. We can personalise it in whatever way you choose.

These prints make special gifts for special people. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the all who receive them, a unique and very lovely Sea Kiss.

Beautifully framed with arctic white mounts in a smooth white, box style wooden frame, printed in your choice of colour.  For further details on our frames please have a look at our frames page:

Size: Print 300mm x 400mm (Frame: 450mm x 550mm)